Organización Sicológica y Espiritual de Ayuda Social

"Yo les traeré sanidad y medicina; y los curaré" Jeremías 33:6a 

About Us

OSEAS (Organización Sicológica y Espiritual de Ayuda Social) arises from the need for services that are available, accessible or free of charge in PR for families in crisis in the communities of faith.

Many couples and/or families in the communities of faith back then felt ashamed to expose the situation in their homes. Others delegated this responsibility in the good faith of their religious leaders without playing an active role for the change.

What brought as a result: people angry with their leaders, with the faith communities and with God, though these people have not used all of the resources. Others took the decision to dissolve their marriages without giving professional help a chance, and some of these people actually confront similar problems with their new partners and reconstructed families. On the other side, other people got to unfortunate results of a dangerous (suicide, domestic violence, abuse or aggression), legal and spiritual nature, whether attacking oneself or against others.

The mayor auto justification appealed that searching professional help resulted in high cost, because many health coverage plans before and even now do not have this contemplated in their coverage. While another group simply do not know that help is available.

There are no more excuses. Seeking help is not a synonym of crisis elimination or letting someone else decide for you. It is the possibility of finding a professional that will listen to you without judging and will help you evaluate all the available alternatives.

The studies prove that the intervention of a help professional promotes:

  • the empowerment of the participant to change behavior and lifestyles;
  • the decrease of negative collateral emotions
  • and the increase of alternatives from an amplified perspective for a proactive decision-making that safeguards the benefits of the person or the persons that seeks help.

From AUGUST 2013 we will be located in Suite 305 in Doral Bank Center (next to Buxeda funeral) in San Juan, Puerto Rico offering professional counseling services directed to offer first aid in a crisis, facilitation and referrals to government offices, social or psychological support for individuals, families and couples.

Our Vision

Reach the integral healing of the married couples and families in Puerto Rico being the leading organization in psychotherapeutic services and faith-based professional counseling.

Our organization seeks to protect the institution of marriage; promote assertive strategies for conflict resolution in families/couples and recognize the spiritual component inside the psychotherapeutic process.

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Peace and grace of God be upon you. There is healing for you and your family because for him who has God by his side, ALL is POSIBLE.

Lic. L. López



Monday/ Frida: by prior appointment (8am- 4:00pm)

Saturday: By prior agreement and in the mornings.

Sunday/ Wednesday: (In pastoral offices by agreement between the participant and the spiritual leader) 4pm to 7pm

If you need prayer coverage for you, your marriage, your partner, your children, or your family, send your request by placing in the header:


To the e-mail address:

[email protected]


  • First aid during a crisis.
  • Professional services in couples counseling, individuals or families with a follow-up plan.
  • Support and assistance free of charge to pastors and/or ministers with needs for referrals for people to mental health services or other social services and/or training of the faith community.
  • Domicile services free of charge in pastoral offices in the Metro area, under ethical standards of the profession of professional counseling of Puerto Rico.
  • Professional/educational workshops on diverse topics in mental health, lifestyles, spiritual care and well-being.


In case of requiring therapy the participants will be referred to professional services or referred to other agencies in a voluntary manner for:

  1. Evaluation, individual/couple, conjugal issues, educational, family, spiritual, and vocational counseling and orientation
  2. Therapy and psych-education.
  3. Shelters
  4. Psychiatric Hospitalization

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