Organización Sicológica y Espiritual de Ayuda Social

"Yo les traeré sanidad y medicina; y los curaré" Jeremías 33:6a 

“Mission is the people of God intentionally crossing barriers from church to no church, from faith to no faith, to proclaim by word and deed the coming kingdom of God in Jesus Christ, through the participation of the church in God's mission of reconcile people with God, with themselves, with each other and with the world, and bring them together in the church through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit in order to transform the world as a sign of the coming of the kingdom in Jesus Christ "

God proposes the mission, as He is who always take the initiative. In the Bible, it is God who sends, redeems, and demands a response to the people in terms of the accomplishment of the mission (Is. 6:1-8; Jn. 20:21-23).

The Methodist Church of Puerto Rico understands that the missions are the heart of God and is our main mission as a church. Therefore, the Missionary are the practice and exercise of how to accomplish the Great Commission of bringing the good news of Jesus Christ nowadays. Includes and it’s not limited to: being a capable representative of Jesus Christ, impart the gospel creatively and effectively, do the missionary work with results, to love the disadvantaged and proximal people, to disciple to the new believers, and to how to established a Christian church with conscience of God’s Kingdom. (RVA, 2013)

Deiros, P. A. (2006). Diccionario Hispano-Americano de la misión (Nueva edicion revisada). Bellingham, WA: Logos Research Systems.

The board of ministry mission of conference presenter attend the response through training, consecration and sending missionaries to areas of need. That includes communities and/or churches in need within our country and the island municipalities. The board is also reaching out and other nations in Central America, South America and will soon reach Africa as well.


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Going to missionary field is a blessing. There are many the testimony of the miracles that Christ does in these trips, not only for the nation that receives us, but for the missionaries that comes back and for those persons that participates through prayer-intersession, services and monetary donations; from provision of jobs, home, miracle healings, among many others.

Not all of us can go physically, but we can be there in a diversity of ways to accomplish the task. You can do it: through intentioned prayer and intersession, through sustained offering, providing scholarships to future student for missionary school, providing scholarship to a missionary for their trip, through the donation of professional services, donation of medical articles or staples, or by the donation of articles for art, dance and/or sports. If you have lost this wonderful blessing… don’t doubt it anymore. It is time to respond to the call that Jesus is doing.

Manual of Evangelism