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Organización Sicológica y Espiritual de Ayuda Social

"Yo les traeré sanidad y medicina; y los curaré" Jeremías 33:6a 

Resources for Students

Do you have problems when studying?

Take this test about learning styles:

Do you need voluntary work experience?

The best place to find voluntary work experience is on faith-based organizations. Why?

  1. They are active all year long.
  2. You don't need experience to start. In fact, you can start when you are a child.
  3. The hours in faith-based organizations can count as community service hours.
  4. You can put this work on your resumé.
  5. You can meet other youth with interests in community service.
  6. You can learn skills in teamwork, leadership and work in an organization that can help you in the work environment.

7th to 9th Grade

If you are a student in 7th to 9th grade, you should look for opportunity to study to take the Pre-SAT. Why is it important to take this test?

  1. It will help you practice taking the SAT in 11th and 12th grade.
  2. If you get good grades on the Pre-SAT, you will have the opportunity to earn scholarships for your studies.
  3. By clicking on this link, you can find more information about the Pre-SAT:

10th to 12th Grade

If you are a student from 10th to 12th grade, you should seek opportunities to take the following tests:

  1. ACT (
  2. SAT (
  3. College Board (
  4. APC course online – es una prueba de planificación de carrera profesional.

Other Sources of Interest

Functional Skills: Knowing Your Strengths

Skills.pdf (PDF — 15 KB)

Clarifying Your Values: Knowing What's Most Important to You

Values.pdf (PDF — 14 KB)

Work Environment

Work_Environment.pdf (PDF — 9 KB)

The following link is a website that has made a list of the 15 best universities in Puerto Rico, updated in the year 2015:

The next document is a document created by OSEASPR to list every university that exists in Puerto Rico in October 2015.