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"Yo les traeré sanidad y medicina; y los curaré" Jeremías 33:6a 


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Do you present some of

these symptoms?

  • Muscular pain or cramps on the legs or the arms that are triggered by activity, like walking, but dissapears after a couple of minutes of rest.

  • Calf pain.

  • A change in the color of your legs

  • Hair loss or slow growth of hair in the feet or legs.
  • Slower nail growth.
  • Brilliant skin in the legs.
  • No pulse or weak pulse in the legs or feet.
  • Numbness or weakness in the legs
  • Painfull cramps in the hip, thigh or calf muscles after an activity, such as walking or climbing stairs (intermittent claudication). Also can present itself at rest.
  • Chill in the leg or foot, especially when compared with the other leg
  • Sores on the toes, feet or legs that will not heal.

You could be presenting a peripheric artireal illness. This is a common circulatory problem in which the stretching of the arteries reduce the blood flow to the extremities. These extremities- generally the legs- don’t receive enough blood flow to satisfy the demand. This causes the symptoms, especially leg pain when walking known as intermittent claudication.

Peripheral arterial disease is likely to be a sign of widespread accumulation of fatty deposits in the arteries (atherosclerosis). This condition may reduce blood flow to your heart and brain, as well as the legs.

Often you can successfully treat peripheral artery disease by quitting smoking, exercising and eating a healthy diet. But of not being consistent and not giving importance to the symptoms can have the impact of the loss or limb amputation. So a timely intervention could save the extremity by reducing the risk of limb amputation and other complications.

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