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Organización Sicológica y Espiritual de Ayuda Social

"Yo les traeré sanidad y medicina; y los curaré" Jeremías 33:6a 

I have made the decision of what to study. Now… where will I study it?

By: Natalia Martínez Ojeda

After deciding what mayor you want to study, you need to decide in what college you want to study at. In this page there are sources that can help you out with that, but they present options of where you can study x profession and presents a list of Puerto Rican universities. How to make the decision of where to study hasn’t been dealt with… until now. There are a few criteria that can help you make a decision as to which university to choose and apply:

  1. Grade point average (GPA). The grade point average that is used to determine where a good GPA starts and where a bad GPA ends is 3.00 (B). Having a GPA that’s higher than 3.00 gives you a higher range of options when deciding to which university you want to apply for.
  2. The score on your College Board or SAT. You should shoot to get a minimum of 3000/4000 score on the College Board (the entrance exam for universities in Puerto Rico). In terms of the SAT, the minimum score that you should shoot to obtain depends on the version of the exam you are taking. For the old version, the minimum score should be 1500/2400. For the new version, the minimum score to shoot for should be 1000/1600. This, in combination with your GPA, is a determining factor in the number of universities that you have to choose from. In Puerto Rico, the GPA and the College Board or SAT are used to calculate your IGS (Índice de Ingreso). With the IGS, you can do an internet search of all of the programs that you can apply for in the different universities in PR.
  3. Profession selected and the university that offers the degree from de desired perspective. Not all the universities offer the degree that you want to study and not all of the universities offer them from the perspective that you want to focus on. Don’t hesitate to call the universities that have the programs you are interested in to orient yourself in this regard.
  4. How much it cost vs how much can you afford. We can’t deny that studying has a cost. It’s necessary, even though it is painful at times, to look at the economic situation of your family and, based on that, make decisions as to where to study. This decision needs to take into account the possibility of obtaining scholarships or exemptions, and the possibility of working and study.
  5. If you want to take classes online or in a classroom. This criteria doesn’t get much face time because what is promoted is a university experience that requires students to go to a classroom, but there is a need to take into account that going to a classroom is not always a viable option. For this reason OSEASPR is presenting all possibilities: studying by day, by night, or online.
  6. If you want to leave your community. This decision is one that is in the minds of a lot of Puerto Ricans, be it leaving the local community or leaving the country to study in the US. This decision is in the minds of those of us that have been exposed to the idea of studying outside of PR. It’s not an easy decision because studying abroad implies the extra cost of housing, transportation, plane tickets, luggage, extra clothing, among others. There is also the process of becoming acclimated to the new area in which you are going to study.
  7. If studying outside of your community has the potential of affecting your health or your foundation on Jesus. Your health, especially your spiritual health, should be a mayor priority than the priority of studying in your preferred University. Your studies will pass when your life ends, but where you end up after this life depends on your spiritual health. If your spiritual health and your relationship with God isn’t the best at the moment when you are deciding where to study, if you need to have a spiritual supervision, then it will benefit you to go to a university that is close to your community. If you understand that your Jesus foundation is solid, then you can choose whatever is right for you.

No one, other than God, can have the last word in terms of what you will study and where you will study. You are the one who has the power to determine this. This is an important decision with few wrong answers. You shouldn’t rush this decision. The best time to start making this decision is when you start the 9 grade. This way, you will have more time to explore your interests and have more certainty in the decision you make.